Frequently asked questions

1.What is the SAGE CNPeReading Platform?

The SAGE CNPeReading Platform is an E-journal platform independently developed by the China National Publications Import and Export (Group) Corporation to host SAGE journal content. The platform URL is http://sage.cnpereading.com/

2.What are the features of the platform?

  • Resources: The CNPeReading Platform provides high-quality e-journals published by SAGE for libraries.
  • Functions: The platform provides the basic functions for accessing e-journal content, as well as provides the personalization functions such as “my favourite”, online reading, content download, “my alert”, and search result management etc.

3.How do I search for articles on the CNPeReading Platform?

You can input one or more key words in the search box and carry out a quick search. You can also select the Advanced Search after the search box and carry out a combined search with multiple search conditions, including title, author, key words and abstract.

4. What discipline classification standard does the CNPeReading Platform base on to conduct the discipline classification?

The CNPeReading Platform has adopted the Chinese Library Classification to conduct the discipline classification.

5.What can I do if a PDF file is not displayed normally?

Firstly, you should make sure that you have installed the professional PDF reader Acrobat Reader of the latest version. If you have not installed it, you can directly download the software from the Adobe Website free and install it. We strongly recommend that you should use Acrobat Reader 5.0 or a higher version because some PDF files can only be displayed correctly by using Acrobat Reader of the latest version. If you cannot open a PDF file after you upgrade the PDF file reader, please contact us.

6.How can I get the usage statistics for my organization?

We provide statistics reports in the COUNTER format for the subscriber (i.e. the administrator) of the organization. After you log in via administrator account of your organization, you can click “my account”—“institution account” to download the statistics reports of your organization.

7.Can I have quick and stable accesses to the website of the CNPeReading E-journal Platform?

The CNPeReading E-journal platform is a localized resources platform and all the digital content are locally hosted to ensure customers quick and convenient access. In addition, a network environment with multiple links, including China Telecom, China Netcom and education networks, has been created on the platform to ensure that the domestic users can quickly and smoothly obtain the content of SAGE e-journals.

8.What browsers does the CNPeReading Platform support?

We usually request our users to a browser of IE5.0 or a higher version. Meanwhile, however, we strive to support more browsers and platforms.

9. Is there more information for SAGE customers about the migration to this new platform?

Yes, please see our landing page for further information, including our customer checklist.